Thursday, February 4, 2016

Term 3 screen cast

It is term 3 and yes I do have friends and they are nice my learning has come along nicely my art skills are really good.

This year is turned out really well and I love Room 1.

My favorite bit this year is camp because it was really exciting and entreating.

This year we have these star and if you don't know what there for, well you'll see.

Strive for SUCCESS

Wow already yes you have guessed it, it is the production our theme is the Rio Olympics and the news I am so existed to do the production and I hope you existed to see it or be in it.

These throw weeks we have been doing this production and it is bast on the Olympics I tried out for a main part but I did not get I still get to say some words . I'm so existed I hope you are there to watch
and I hope you see me.

Well the production is coming fast, on Monday the 12th of September we are having 2x dress rehearsal and we get to see our costumes wo hoo  I am so existed I hope you are.

Poem by Charlotte.
Here is a poem